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Live Order is a mobile & online B2B sales Order automation system for Suppliers & Customers. “Live Order” is the tool with which we have taken the enterprise to the door step of the customer. Live Order keeps customer connected to their suppliers and gives them the ability to access information about inventory status in near real time. “Live Order” eliminates the drops in fulfillment rates arising out of the lack of domain knowledge in the salesmen, errors in packing, spelling and most importantly transmits the order in near real time to the supplier server. This helps and allows customers to get accurate information.

Live order also has advanced predictive searching & recommendation feature for a customer based on his previous purchase pattern and the movement of items in his locality. This in turn improves fulfillment efficiency and also increases the basket size. This is the precursor of automated ordering & fulfillment facilities in the industry.

    Need of a Supplier

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  1. 1. Replacement to Existing poor education background of sales force
  2. 2. Requirement of physical presence of sales force to get business
  3. 3. Challenge of getting domain experienced and route relation assets holding sales person.
  4. 4. Working hours mismatch from its work hours Vs Customers Work hours.
  5. 5. To eliminate errors of wrong strength or wrong product getting billed due to manual process.
  6. 6. Distributors have been experiencing significant business growth with higher demand for accuracy, speed and efficency.
  7. 7. Need of a solution which has mobile & Online capability & also most simplest to operate

Need a Solution is to have a online ordering system which is one of the most simplest to operate and also retains existing manual flow.

Need of a Customer

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Major challenge at other side is that sourcing the products is a big challenge and very time consuming process. The costliest things in the business of servicing end user are time and space. Both are wasted because of unscientific approach of sourcing and spending huge amount of time to ensure availability at store front. Some of the major challenges are:

  1. 1. Requirement of Physical presence of distributor sales person becomes a bottleneck and also forces to be working hour time conscious

  2. 2. Status of supplies known only at the end of transaction or on receipt

  3. 3. Manual process of searching alternate vendor for non-supplied items

  4. 4. Industry average of Next Day Returns comes to nearly 5% due to wrong ordering / supplies.

  5. 5. There is no scientific complaint / feedback redressing system

  6. 6. As Per Mckinsey’s global figure 9% is stock outs loss of sales and 7% is markdowns Loss of sales (due to some other products not available)

Live Order is an innovation to provide convenience to suppliers and their customers. Live Order allows the customers to get their inventory requirement from their supplier without any time or distance constraints. Live Order is quite useful for those who do not have enough time to go outside for procurement or do not have field force to visit frequently to their customers. It is very easy to order while sitting at own office or shop with the help of Live Order. The system provides complete customer satisfaction because the customers can place order themselves and receive some privileges in exchange like real time availability, schemes, offer details and new product information. Customers can place order without experiencing lengthy on holds or busy signals. Live Order help the customers to see the order status online.

Live Order is quite simple and quick to implement and requires no special hardware, software or technical knowledge. One can have more customers in your list because many of them will opt as distance is not a matter anymore. Live order is all about placing orders punctually and accurately. It is easy to check the credibility as both have known relationship for business to get engaged. The Live Order benefit the supplier with increased sales, decreased employee expenses and reduce the time spent on incorrect ordering. A good use of Live Order can maximize the capabilities of the staff working in a business. Live Order allows the supplier to reach their customers in a personalized way.

Live Order allows flexibility and freedom. Live Order has a prompt order tracking system which allows all to be the quickest at tracking orders and providing efficiency to your entire supply chain. Live Order also suits any businesses without any budget constraints ideally and it is Value for Money.

We strive to deliver best service to our customers so that you can give the best customer service to the need of their customers and customers’ families. Live Order™ will help every user an experience which never dreamed about. A Live Access to the availability, a live status of its reach time to stores, live performance indicators and above all, a live way to be stay connected with their business partners.


  1. 1. Dashboard
  2. 2. New Item information
  3. 3. Online transfer of booked orders for processing
  4. 4. Information at the click of a button
  5. 5. An integration of customer Code with Liveorder.in helps to upload customer orders
  6. 6. Auto Suggestion of right supplier for uploaded orders.
  7. 7. Status of stock Availability to customer.
  8. 8. Auto Downloading of orders & invoice processing at supplier place
  9. 9. Electronic invoice integration from Supplier to Customer
  10. 10. Transaction flow is visible to all users of Live Order for their orders with timeline of each activity.
  11. 11. All Complaints / Suggestions in one page. Means a common view of all issues at one place rather than multiple versions of complaints from entire community.
  12. 12. Personalized Status email alerts

Our customers Business has grown by over 20% and turnaround time have reduced by 25%. In short span of its launch, 800+ users are using LIVEORDER.

“Live Order is the most revolutionizing technology implementation happened at Vardhman in this whole decade. Our salesmen have complete information like product availability, pricing, promotions/offers, accounts receivables & product recommendations at their disposal when they are in field. Our sales have increased by 20% and the order to delivery turnaround time has reduced by around 25%. Also there is a increase of 17% in Ticket size and 25% of product served.” - Mahendra Chowhan, Vardhman Pharma

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